Coffee Woes

Posted: August 19, 2010 by Tim in General Annoyance, News
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As a habitual complainer, I always have something that irks me on a daily basis. Today has been no different. Normally, I’m the happy-go-lucky coffee drinking stock photo girl to the right, however, I’ve found it nearly impossible to get a standard cup of coffee in the city of Philadelphia. The worst offender? Dunkin Donuts.

My daily grind consists of catching the train to Center City in the morning and grabbing a coffee. Since Dunkin Donuts runs a monopoly on the coffee game, I’m pretty limited in my choices. Plus on the underground concourse from Suburban Station to City Hall, there are 4, yes 4 DD’s that I pass. I could go to McCafe, sure, but that coffee totally sucks. I could go to Au Bon Pain if I’m feeling pretentious enough (which is never) or Starbucks…but who wants to pay 4 bucks for an iced coffee. Plus theirs usually resembles some form of diarrhea, but I digress.

So you get the point, I pass 4 DD’s underground. Then another 2-3 on my above-ground walk to my office. Plus I have an affinity for their coffee. Anyway, I wrote a rant to Dunkin’ yesterday, complaining about their stores in Philadelphia. It seems that every store franchises out to some Asian/Indian/etc franchisee, which is not my issue. The issue is that they hire people who have English as a second, even third language and still cannot understand what the fuck you are saying. There should be a minimal amount of words that you should understand, for example: “yes”, “no”, “coffee”, “cream”, “milk”, “sugar”, “extra”, “a little”, and “thank you”.

So let’s say I’m back home in Scranton, PA. I go to a DD, order a medium iced coffee with cream and sugar.. that’s exactly what I get. When I order it at one of the 7 locations in Philadelphia, I either get a medium iced cream shake with a side of coffee, an extra sugar diabetes express attack, or lasts nights coffee served over ice with extra sugar. For the past week I have had to both verbally and physically explain how to make a proper coffee..and they still fuck it up. I speak slowly, use hand gestures, etc but still theres always one thing off. I’ve complained to store managers and to DD. Hopefully I can get the ball rolling on some change here. I mean come on, your job isn’t difficult. Just pay attention to words and to detail and everyone will be happy. Yet, I still continue to support DD. We’ll see what happens.

  1. […] will be no different. I love coffee. Iced or hot. No cream. No sugar. No problems, unless you go to Dunkin Donuts where English is a second, or third, language depending on the location (you wan sugar […]

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