The Neverending Heatwave

Posted: September 1, 2010 by Tim in News, Tips
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I think today is about the 50th day this summer above 90 degrees. If not, its close. By no means do I want winter to be here, but maybe a few days of Central California weather would be nice for a change. Low 70s, sunny, no humidity.. That’s the stuff. Where has that gone? Since when did the northeast become a rainless sweatbox? Where are the seasons? It seems like it just goes from really hot to really cold in recent years. Am I thinking out loud?

Anyway, here are a few things to remember during a heatwave:

1. Stay Hydrated – Especially if you sweat a lot (like me)

2. Wear deodarant – Seriously… too many people smell nowadays

3. Stay indoors – not really.. but its too fucking hot to do anything!

What a pointless post. Thank you for wasting your own time if you made it this far.. why not check out the rest of the page now?


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