Remember when…?

Posted: September 7, 2010 by Tim in General Annoyance, News
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…When people thought Michael Phelps was the most awesome person alive?

…When you didn’t have a cell phone and life was simple?

…When Myspace was still cool?

…When life wasn’t one punctuated status update after another?

…When people had class?…me either

…When people had more face-to-face conversations rather than relying on technology?

…When we used to be funny?

…When there wasn’t 8 shows about New Jersey?

…When being from New Jersey WASN’T FUCKING COOL?!?!

Yeah.. I’m bored today– I really just wanted to make fun of Michael Phelps..and New Jersey. Have a nice day!

  1. evologynow says:

    LOL at the new jersey thing. It’s so true. I can hardly remember those pre-cell phone days. There’s so much crazy tech out there now we’re practically turning into new people.. have you seen this?

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