Oh boy, I feel like its the day before Christmas. Football season officially kicks off tomorrow night and I cannot wait, its my favorite time of the year. If you do not know about my gripe with the “voice of the Philadelphia sports fan”–please see my older posts. This is just an extension of said rant.. so hear goes!

Doucheturd’s official prediction for the Eagles 2010 campaign: 9-7. That’s quite an optimistic prediction from the son of Satan. “Kolb will be fine — better than Donovan McNabb”. I LOLed on the train at that one. No surprises there.
He also claims that Andy Reidhasn’t positioned his Eagles to exploit a soft, early schedule and he hasn’t developed an offensive line worthy of the talent surrounding it.” That still remains to be seen. With Stacy Andrews worthless ass being shipped to Seattle for a box of crackerjacks and a ham sandwich, I think the O-line is actually in good shape to protect Kolb and open some decent holes for Shady. The Andrews brothers were a $75 million dollar cancer that has finally been purged from our team.

Two question marks on the O-line. The play of LT Jason Peters* who had a sloppy season last year (and not to mention gets at least 2 holds a game in Madden’11), and how moving Nick Cole* to RG will play out with the addition of Reggie Wells* who we picked up last week. Otherwise, it looks like Todd Herremans* and Jamaal Jackson* should shore things up on the inside, provided that they are indeed healthy again. I have nothing but good hopes for RT Winston Justice* who has much improved over the years as well.
(*= indicates that doucheturd labeled them as a “worrisome….hodgepodge of mediocrities”.. and that they all “stink”) — For the Record.

Doucheturd then goes on to bitch about how we didn’t play our starters in the last pre-season game, leaving our players vulnerable to weaker teams earlier in the first half of the season (Detroit, Jacksonville, Washington, SF, and Tennessee). Yeah… like that matters. We’ll see how that plays out. Doucheturd predicts 9 victories, and another trip to the playoffs…barely.

Enough of doucher.. My prediction? 12-4. I’m thinking its going to be more-feared than last season’s 11-5 campaign, because the team is much different without McNabb and a young group of players. Solid season from Kolb, a few bumps in the road, but a we will win the games that we are supposed to win and cruise into the playoffs.

So stay tuned football fans — kickoff is right around the corner and I, for one, cannot wait!! Hey doucheturd: I’m gunning for the right to call myself “the voice of the REAL Philadelphia sports fan”. You don’t deserve it! Good Day!


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