Muslims, the South, and the Far-Right

Posted: September 10, 2010 by Tim in General Annoyance, News
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Jesus Christ…what a month its been for bigotry and hatred. Wait, can I say Jesus Christ without offending some idiot somewhere? Ok…Holy Ice Skating Buddha! That’s better, he’s docile so he probably won’t be too offended.

So between the whole “controversy” over the proposed “mosque” being built at the “former” site of the “World Trade Center” a.k.a. “ground zero”–and Rev. McBearstache’s quest to burn copies of the Qur’an.. I think the US has reached new levels of intolerance and hatred reminiscent of the post-9/11 days. I use quotes while discussing this whole mosque scenario–because, in reality its a Muslim community center which happens to contain a Mosque, but guess what? All Muslim community centers have fucking Mosque’s in them!! Check it out yourself. Oh no, its run by a big scary Imam! THEY ALL ARE!! Oh no its going to be on the sacred holy ground of the World Trade Center! False. You could fit about 5 of those craters in the distance from ground zero to the proposed site. But whatever Faux News, keep spreading your bullshit as always.

I personally do not care about the whole NYC Mosque case– I’m sick of hearing about it, sick of the racism, sick of how nobody reads the facts and decides for themselves. I already made up my mind, maybe its because I went to college and don’t believe everything I read in the media. What if Rev Al Sharpton wanted to build a Christian church in the massive ground zero crater? Would anyone have a problem with that? (aka- do you like getting blowjobs/do you like giving blowjobs?) Now Donald Trump wants to come in and grab headlines as always— get a fucking life already. Moving on..

"I am a real American, Fight for the rights of every man"

Pastor Terry Jones. Pictured to the right, aka the guy who wants to burn copies of the Qur’an in Florida for some God-fearing reason. He kind of reminds me of a cross between Hulk Hogan with that handlebar stache and a gay-bear/ leatherman. As comedic genius Doug Stanhope points out: “How many copies of the Koran do you think they can actually find in Bum-fuck Florida? It ain’t Harry Potter. They’d be lucky if they could light three cigarettes off of that fire.” Seriously though, do they even know what a book is in Florida? I’m assuming that as a Pastor, you’ve had to have read books in your lifetime. So tell me, Pastor. What does the Bible have to say about love, forgiveness, acceptance, etc.? What a fucking hack. Its kind of funny how the Muslim response to all of this is “Don’t burn our Qur’an…we’ll burn your Flag! Or your Bible–take that!”

The C.I.A. needs to concoct some fake child-molestation charges against this asshole like they did to the Wiki-leaks guy to discredit him completely. Put a bag over his head, throw him in a black van, and show him the Kennedy reel and say “this can be you if you don’t play ball with us”. But maybe its the intention of the corporate media to stir us back into an anti-Muslim fervor in order to gain support for invading Iran. Its going to happen eventually anyway, might as well try to shove another war down our collective throats. Shit, we haven’t invaded a new country in like 7 years anyway.

I’m out.. enjoy!


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