High Fructose? FructYou!

Posted: September 14, 2010 by Tim in News
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High fructose corn syrup.. aka the sugar that’s in just about everything you drink and possibly eat in MASS quantities is afraid that its getting a bad wrap over making people fat and worthless…and they are probably right. Whenever you look at an ingredients list whats the first thing you usually see? High fructose corn syrup. Look at how many grams of sugar is in that shit–see the connection?

So like any product suffering from a poor public image, they are taking the Chad Ochocinco approach–changing their name! Not to leave you all in suspense at this gripping, real-life-food-name-change drama story, the new name being proposed: Corn Syrup. That’s right, corn syrup. How the hell is this going to make a difference? Probably because Americans are so dumb that they will think its a ‘healthy’ syrup.

The link to the Yahoo article suggests that a name-change worked for ‘rapeseed oil’ in the past which is now, more aptly named ‘canola oil’.

Anyway, stay tuned America. Corn Syrup will probably be hitting food labels in the next two years. Trust me on this, the name change makes it 100% healthier!


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