Hey Afghanistan, Chill the F— Out

Posted: September 15, 2010 by Tim in General Annoyance, News
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Does news really take this long to travel to this bum-fuck nation? They are STILL shooting people, burning American flags, and chanting “Death to America” in the streets of Kabul over the whole failed US Koran burning fiasco that didn’t even take place last week.

How the hell did they find out so quickly, yet they still don’t know that the whacko pastor called the whole thing off. I mean, they called it off what, 5 days ago? 5 days in America is like 40 weeks in Afghanistan apparently. Chill the fuck out and move on already. 80% of America has already forgotten about it and are on to the next thing. I think Lady Gaga’s meat dress and winning 8 VMAs pretty much made us forget about any redneck pastor in Shitsville, Florida burning your holiest of books.

And for real, Afghanistan.. get a new fucking chant already. “Death to America” and burning flags is so 2002. Come up with something new for a change. And another thing, its not the stone ages anymore.. encourage education, let women be educated, stop shooting people over stupid shit and create jobs so people aren’t all pissed off all the time because they have nothing else better to do with their time than chant “death to America” all day. Why else do you think the Taliban is thriving? Your main crop is opium for fucks sake. What do the children have to look forward to? Well, I can group up to be in the Taliban, a farmer, or police. Get with the program already.

And I’m out..


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