I hate you, Kate Gosselin

Posted: September 16, 2010 by Tim in General Annoyance
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Why won’t she just go away already? I’m tired of hearing here running her mouth about how she is “just like every other mom”. Give it up already. Real moms don’t appear on “Dancing With the Stars”, real moms don’t have their own reality tv shows, real moms don’t emotionally castrate their (former) husbands, real moms don’t abandon their children to walk down the red carpet at award shows, real moms don’t breed like dogs, real moms don’t leave their children to be raised by nannies and cameramen, real moms don’t get free tummy tucks and botox injections….for free, real moms aren’t shitty role models for their children, real moms don’t get free handouts for having 8 children, real moms aren’t conniving manipulative bitches who only care about themselves… this could go on forever.

Real moms are loving, caring individuals who would do anything for their children. Real moms struggle with everyday life, they have children, care for them, and sometimes try to lose that weight the normal way, dieting and exercise. They don’t get free handouts, don’t bash their ex-husbands in the media, they don’t play the victim card. Once again, this could go on forever.

I really am sick of hearing about her. Why is she even famous? Her hairstyle is so lesbionic, I don’t know how anyone would ever want to emulate this debauchery. This picture says it all. She is a heartless witch of a person who on the inside, has to be completely devoid of emotion. I admit, I watched the trainwreck of a TV series (back when she was still married) out of sheer curiosity. I hate Jon equally, but you can’t help but feel bad for him, yet at the same time, completely respect him. I don’t respect that he walked out on his children, but it was inevitable with the way she treated that dude. While he was at home, trying to be a good father, she was out getting free surgeries and living in her “15-minutes of fame” universe. Jon did the same thing, but like a complete badass. He’s out getting some young ass from different girls, driving around sportscars, and living the bachelor life again. He really deserves his own reality show “Jon Minus 9”. I’d probably watch that, provided I had cable TV.

Just please… for the love of GaGa….PLEASE GO AWAY!

Aaaand I’m out.


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