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There’s a bit of a chill in the air this fine Wednesday morning, the city is buzzing, and there are people sporting powder blue, red, and white jerseys all over the place…and that can only mean one thing…ITS PLAYOFF SEASON!

Armed with one of the most fearsome starting pitching rotations, a closer who looks to have finally found his groove again, a talented defense, and a group of sluggers that goes beyond the starting lineup, the Phillies are an early favorite to return to the World Series for the third consecutive season. There wasn’t even an Angelo Cataldi article in the paper this morning to try to convince me otherwise, but I eagerly await his negative input.. But I’ll have more on him in another article (although it will be a bit outdated, but still).

With the Eagles underachieving in October as usual, the Phillies give this city the rejuvenation that it so desperately deserves. This year, I won’t be so overconfident because it really paid for it dearly. There isn’t a whole lot of talk going on so I like our odds a little more this year. I will sit back quietly and roll with the punches until theres another sloppy late night riot in Center City. So to Roy, Roy, Cole, Jimmy, Shane, Ryan, Chase, Carlos, Placido, Jayson, Brad, Raul, and the rest of the Phils, let’s get one in Harry’s memory!