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Hello world! If you’ve followed my blog in the past, you know how much I enjoy my coffee! Recently, its been decided that I’ve had enough of Dunkin Donuts and their insidious ways of strategically placing store at every single place I move through. I also despise their use of styrofoam cups, the fact that nobody speaks English, and that they can never deliver a consistent product on a daily basis.

In my quest to become more eco-friendly, cost-efficient, and an overly satisfied person in the morning, I have decided to (gasp!) switch to Starbucks. This move is not to appear like a pretentious dick, but to keep my costs down while using less resources. In the past I viewed Starbucks coffee as tasting awful, an annoyance because I had to add my own sugar, and overly expensive. While some of that is still true, its been discovered that you can bring in your old cups for a .50 cent refill—OF ANY SIZE! Is that not a great deal? So instead of paying 2 bucks everyday, I can now pay .54 cents and refill my ‘venti’ cup with whatever flavor they have on tap that day. And when my cup becomes so rugged that even the ‘barista’ is like, dude, really? They just give you a new one. How genius?

Therefore, I have now fallen in love with Starbucks. I will sacrifice adding my own sugar for cost effectiveness. Their coffee isn’t half bad either. So while I continue living in a world of unpaid internships, I implore the generous folks of the world, friends, family, philanthropists, etc to reload my Starbucks card for me! If you feel you need some sort of collateral. I will perhaps write you a short story, poem, haiku, narrative, draw a picture, take a picture, insult you in a Shakespearean manner, a free subscription to the HerroPrease blog, or any reasonable request.

My card number is: 6037325318551278 and the pin is 91757947. You can remain anonymous if you like. I believe they require $10 increments but I may be wrong. You can reload at:

Thanks for reading!


Source: AP

“How do we inspire greatness?” We beat the Redskins 59-28 in Washington, score 6 total TDs, post the highest MNF score ever, score more points in a first quarter away from home ever, put up 50-some fantasy points, throw your longest TD of your career on the first play of the game, set a franchise best 45 first half points, hold the record for being the only QB to throw 300+ yds, run 50+ yds, score  6 TDs, etc… You get the idea? Even after missing 3 weeks, he HAS to be the leading candidate for league MVP plus the guy hasn’t even throw and INT or lost a fumble this season. Not too shabby for a guy who was never known for his accuracy or as a pocket passer. Oh wait, McNabb got a $78-million contract extension before the game…. HAHAHAHA

Week 10 Highlights: Michael Vick

Kudos to Coach Andy, OC Marty Mornhinweg, QB coach James Urban, and owner Jeffrey Lurie for giving him a chance to play football for the Eagles. If anyone knows how to get the best out of a QB (see: Koy Detmer, Jeff Garcia, Kevin Kolb, Donovan McNabb, Mike McMahon) its this staff. Its a good day in football land and this is the time of the year when the Eagles really turn it on. So look out Giants and Cowboys, we’re coming for you next. Now if we can just lift that Lombardi Trophy at the end of the season..