With apologies to Michael Douglas

Posted: February 4, 2011 by Tim in Completely Pointless

This is an open letter to Michael Douglas:

Mr Douglas, I apologize for picking you first in my Celebrity Death Pool. When I compiled my picks for the pool back in December, it had looked like your throat cancer was going to get the best of you. Reports didn’t look so good and, to be honest, seeing pictures of you made me only fear the worst. I was not ‘secretly’ hoping that you would die. At the time, it just looked like Zsa Zsa, Aretha, and you were all easy points. I’m sorry if that’s offensive, but since you are in the public spotlight, asshole bloggers like myself have the chance to poke at your situation.

From what I’ve seen, it looks like your cancer is in remission and you are slowly returning to your old, dynamic self. I respect you as an actor and I think the choices you have made in your career have been solid. I wish the best of luck to you. Unfortunately, I cannot withdraw your name from my pool. I wish death upon no one, so, for now, it looks like I’ll take the hit in the points column. I also apologize to anyone who took my advice on this pick.

Aaaand I’m out..


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