I feel like I’m the only person in the world who enjoyed the Super Bowl Halftime show last night. I mean, OK, its not like the Black Eyed Peas pulled out anything crazy, but it was 100 times more enjoyable than the last few geriatric snooze-fests. Seriously.. Tom Petty, The Who, Springsteen.. Man they really got those toes tapping the last few years. And oh wait, the halftime show featured four people who weren’t on the wrong side of 50 AND had a female on stage for the first time since the whole “wardrobe malfunction” fiasco.

I guess after a few years of retirement acts, people expect the same old crap from the halftime show. But the producers tried to change it up and bring out an act thats actually released a few albums in the past decade. Not to mention it was probably one of the best choreographed performances I’ve seen since the opening of the China Olympics.. although they are still questionable.

And after all the talk all week about who has better hair– Steelers Troy Polamalu, Packers Clay Matthews, or Packers Brett Keisel — I think that award has to go to Will.I.Am for his plastic hair helmet, also he had SB XLV BEP carved into the back of his head. Somebody PLEASE give him the MVP. I’m convinced that will.i.am single-handedly provided the spark that the Packers needed to win that game. Aaron Rodgers was just an after thought.

Oh and one more thing. THEY DROPPED FROM THE FUCKING SKY!! I’m positive that any act from the previous 6 halftime shows would have broken a hip trying to pull off something this outrageous. I was instantly fired up when I saw them drop down onto the stage. I don’t care– that’s awesome. So their microphones weren’t exactly functioning properly. I blame that on Jerry Jones more than anything. But its not like they forgot the words to the National Anthem or anything…

The part with Slash kind of sucked, I could have done without that. But don’t tell me that Urrsher’s dance moves didn’t revive the hell out of that show. I don’t care who you are– if you can’t admit that he’s a hell of a dancer than you just don’t know whats going on with your life. So tell me, where is the love? Did they not bring the Boom Boom Pow enough for you? Did you not have the time of your life? Was it not a good, good night? I’ve got a feeling that all these negative reviews are just bitter old people who expected BEP to be as boring as The Who. I can go all day about this but I’ll step back. Maybe I’m just easily impressed?



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