So I did it again. Another month of inactivity goes by. I know.. its crazy. I’m even going through withdrawal from not having enough ‘me’ in my life. So once again, I will vow to update on a semi-regular basis.. for real this time!

I’m going to publish my stance on the whole Charlie Sheen situation once things unfold a little more. Its just too good right now so get ya popcorn out and keep #WINNING! And apparently nothing was going on in the rest of the world other than his meltdown. So Wisconsin, WikiLeaks, Libya.. fuck off, America’s got real problems!

A few updates I would like to throw out there:

  • HerroPrease has hit the 1K viewers mark and to show my appreciation to my dear fans, I offer all of you a free subscription to HerroPrease! Memebers have exclusive access to.. well.. everything non-subscribers have access to.. but if you ever provide me feedback you will be rewarded in some way shape and/or form.
  • There are a few new Love Is… comics up so check them out!
  • I am officially #atwar with @DanicaPatrick over the rights to I’ll explain more in another post. I have a lot of problems with GoDaddy but I’ll spare the rant for now.
  • The 2011 Celebrity Death Pool is really heating up! Zsa Zsa is in the hospital again.. how did I miss that pick?  So far 2011 has been a weak year for celeb deaths. Spring and Summer is when the shit really starts to hit the fan!

Stay tuned folks.. Lots of good stuff coming!



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