Location: 8th and Green Sts, Philadelphia PA

I felt compelled to write this post today after a disgusting, yet unsurprising find on a recent walk through my neighborhood. If the title of this article misled you into thinking that I would be writing about advocating condom usage, then I apologize (for the record, I do support it). This post is more-or-less to analyze the mindset of the individual who decided to dispose of this most intimate and personal item on a city sidewalk as opposed to, you know, a trash receptacle.

Just as a brief side note to this story, I saw this particular condom rotting into the fabric of the sidewalk a week ago, only to find it still laying in the same place as of yesterday evening.. and here we are.

I want to run a few scenarios to really figure out why this phenomenon would occur, and I do appreciate any input fellow readers may have into this subject. So without further ado:

  1. Cheating spouse/partner. Perhaps the condom could not be properly disposed inside of a residence because the unsuspecting partner would find out of their infidelities.
  2. Forgetfulness. Perhaps after the act of sexual congress commenced,  the culprit simply got dressed without removing said condom and didn’t realize until they hit the streets. Rather than find the nearest trash can, they took it off and flung it to the ground.
  3. No trash cans. Philly is notorious for litter which can be attributed to the lack of trash bins. Since the sanitation department is completely mafia-controlled, they could care less how dirty the city is.
  4. A conscientious rapist. While I hope this is not the case, perhaps a rapist didn’t want to infect the victim with their nasty sexually transmitted diseases.
  5. A laissez-faire attitude toward littering. This is likely the most logical explanation. As mentioned above, people in Philly tend to litter more regardless of the proximity of trash bins. Simply put, throwing trash in the streets makes it someone else’s problem.
  6. Culprit was unaware of how to dispose of a condom. Many people are idiots. Condoms do not explicitly tell you how to throw away a condom, so when all else fails, toss it in the street.
  7. Someone got caught. Perhaps the boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse came home a little too early and caught the cheater in the act. Culprit simply ran out, condom on and all, and again, whipped it into the streets as to remove any and all links to the encounter.
These are just my ideas, I happily encourage anyone to weigh in on this as I am completely dumbfounded to why this occurred.
Til next time, out..
  1. Too funny! I have often found condoms in random places as well and my imagination has gone where you have described. Diapers are the other thing I find EVERWHERE except the trash. Not really sure what that’s about either! Great post!

  2. Tim says:

    Finding diapers is pretty nasty too, although I imagine they biodegrade faster than latex. Still a rather unpleasant find on a warm, sunny afternoon. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Sean Rossman says:

    I’ve heard this is caused when a man is visited by a lady of the night. The transaction tends to happen in a car or while the customer is driving. When finished, since they are already on the street, simply throwing it out the window does the trick.

  4. Eww. I saw one in a mall parking lot once and I could tell that it was freshly tossed.

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