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Posted: May 5, 2011 by Tim in News
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Feral Cats Love It..

As some may know, I enjoy farming for organic feral cats on some nights and most weekends. I simply find some on the streets, plant them, and hope new ones begin to grow. Why? Well, two reasons.. One, everyone should know that their feral cat has been organically grown and is bred to be a total bad ass. And two, feral cats make up about 60-70% of my readers on Oh Herro Prease. I also base these statistics on absolutely nothing, however, what self-respecting feral cat WOULDN’T want to read Oh Herro Prease, honestly?!

This is why I am proud to announce HERRO-PREASE.COM! That’s right, you no longer have to type in No longer will you be thinking, “is this guy for real with this .wordpress bullshit?” No longer will I have to write angry letters to Danica Patrick… well I still will. But now this site is as legit as possible. So update your favorites, tell your friends, get grandma out of bed, and brew up some morning oil.. because theres plenty more to come!


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