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Saw this article today and I couldn’t help but think of The Wicker Man, no matter how stupid that movie may be. 

ISLAND PARK, Idaho, July 12 (UPI) — A semi-trailer truck tipped over along a highway in Idaho, spilling more than 14 million bees and a quantity of honey across the pavement, authorities say.

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While residents in Island Park, Idaho may be sticky and swollen from bee stings, at least the aren’t Nic Cage:


One of my favorite topics I like to discuss here at is coffee. This post will be no different. I love coffee. Iced or hot. No cream. No sugar. No problems, unless you go to Dunkin Donuts where English is a second, or third, language depending on the location (you wan sugar pree?).

Last November, I finally had enough of Dunkin Donuts and switched over to Starbucks Coffee. One of my pet peeves is having to repeat myself, when I’m not actually mumbling. I grew tired of having to repeat, and even educate the workers on the meanings of the words “yes”, “no”, “a little”, “a lot”, etc. Not to mention their coffee tastes like diarrhea and has a 90-to-1 ice-to-coffee ratio.

Anyone, enough of the history lesson. Today is a swelter-fuck of a day in old-Philadelphiatown. Its pushing 100 degrees with high humidy–fuck that noise. What better way to cool off than a nice, tall, cold, iced coffee, eh?

Well, this morning I pour into the local Starbucks (please sponsor me!) on 7th and Walnut Streets (the one on 11th and Walnut can blow me sideways, awful jackasses) and order my usual venti black iced coffee. By the way, ‘venti’ is a ‘large’ for all you non-pretentious pricks out there. I’m not easily up-sold on too many things, but for roughly 40 cents more, you can get a ‘Trenta’ cup. For comparison purposes, the ‘venti’ is roughly 20-ounces (591-ml for the rest of the world) and the ‘trenta’ is roughly 30-ounces (916-ml). I assume the ‘trenta’ is an American thing only, but if any of you Canadian or other-worldly brethren care to advise, please feel free.

Anyway, I found this image for comparisons sake just to illustrate how ridiculous this cup really is:

So anyway, I don’t know how to feel about the ‘trenta’ cup yet. There is definitely great value for the price, and you get more than the usual 10 sips when compared to the ‘venti’ size due to the higher volume of coffee, giving one a more favorable ice-to-coffee ratio.

Also, the total beverage weighs in around 250 calories, or at least that’s what I estimate it at. In reality, when you factor in the amount of laxative a 30-oz Starbucks coffee contains, you are coming out ahead in the long-run. Definitely a great way to stay in shape, and keep your bowels cleared!

I’m not sure if the trenta is available in all areas. Frankly, this is the first I’ve seen of it in Philadelphia. Also, they are only available for cold beverages. So, if you happen to see it in your area, why not give it a try?

Til next time..