How to deal with landlords

Posted: September 22, 2011 by Tim in Completely Pointless
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After weeks of serious neglect, I am finally back! For those of you who still follow my nonsense, I want to direct you to the newest section of the site PS & BS Podcasts. It is a project that myself and two friends put together on a weekly basis where we talk about politics, sports, and mostly bullshit current events. Throw in some conspiracies and other nonsense, and you have yourself a pretty listen-able show.

Anyway, I have been dealing with an incompetent managing company, and an even-more incompetent property manager. He was recently ‘let go’ and I was told via memo that I am to direct all inquires to Amanda. Here goes, I can’t wait for her response:

Dear Amanda,

I received a notice from Joe on 9/20 regarding the site supervisor change at (XXX) West. I tend to agree this was a good move since I have given up trying to get repairs done in my unit since I moved in.

Given the new found enthusiasm instilled in Isias, perhaps I can get the plumbing fixed in my unit? Namely, there are two issues that were completely ignored during his time (given the sudden increase in rent, I feel these shouldn’t be a problem):

1) Toilet: Does not flush properly, have to flush 3-4 times to get anything down, keeps running frequently as well (works well if I drop something in and flush by mistake, I know it won’t go anywhere)

2) shower: weak pressure in shower (loses pressure because too much water comes out of main bath faucet). (quite useful if one wanted to take a shower and bath simultaneously, I do not)

3) Fire extinguisher hasn’t been inspected in over a year and is past due for one

4) Overhead stove light is burned out and needs replacing

I would appreciate your assistance on these matters.

The other issue I would like to bring to your attention is the lobby door. I believe sometime around the beginning of Summer, Iron Stone had the carpeting in (XXX North XXX) replaced. Since then, the front door was never able to fully close because the carpeting would keep it stuck open. Couple that with the fact that the other tenants in the building either don’t care about being robbed, are too lazy to manually close it, or simply don’t notice that the door was stuck open for three months, then we might as well hang a “free stuff, come on in” sign on it.

Much to my delight, I thought the issue was finally going to be resolved as I saw the carpeting crew re-re-upholstering the lobby carpets for the second time this year (albeit while yelling at each other in Spanish and slamming tools up against my door). This scared the heck out of the animals in my petting zoo that I run from my apartment, and I had a hard time trying to quell some of the racist remarks my parrots were trying to make.

Anyway, I went down to test out the new carpeting and what do you know? It is somehow worse than the previously installed carpet (see photo). Now I have to get in a good upper-body stretch before I even attempt to open/close the door fully. This causes me great discomfort as I am a frail person and since I am already bad at managing my time, causes me to be later than normal for my other job.

While I appreciate the new carpeting (I was getting sick of the old one after 3 months), it is still highly ineffective in terms of door security. However, I must admit the blue really brings out the color of my eyes. At this point, I am thinking about giving away the front door key to some random person, seeing as how I no longer need to use it. Perhaps with the extra money being collected in rent, you could hire a 24-hour door person to make sure it is closed at all times? I understand the cost of this may be extreme, so a cheaper method would be to call the carpeting crew back and have an interpreter explain that the door should not stick open all the time.

Thank you in advance for your attention to these matters. I trust I am in good hands with you, Amanda.




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