Welcome back to the show.

The guys kick off with some off-season basketball news and whether or not the Palestra is cool or not. College football jerseys are

debated and Kyle reveals the advantages of being color blind. Tim goes on to speculate on the upcoming season of Wife Swap.

Later on, two white guys explain a racist act to another white guy, plus more racist acts of the week before are discussed. Plus, the long national nightmare is over: wine kiosks shut down. Plus its the beginning of the end of the self-checkout era, the fellas share their memories.

After a short Dorito-zombie interlude, Darrell Clarke’s bill to curb housing around Temple’s campus is the topic of discussion and we philosophize as to who is right in the student vs. North Philly resident debate. Plus, here’s an update on the falling satellite: it crashed.

Prop betting is discussed and the guys start their own prop betting game. If your into porking, but not pork, you should look into PETA’s
new porn site. Speaking of PETA, the guys think they should pump their brakes and just stick to the basics, and do they owe Mike Vick more?

The guys go on to discuss the troubles of the Philadelphia Eagles and their “dream team” stigma. Travel agent Tim tells us to go to Jamaica and the non-Juarez parts of Mexico. Finally, Kyle signs us off.


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