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Due to growing up with the Internet, I have a short window for caring about things and an even shorter attention span. Joe Paterno died 2 days ago (maybe 3). People die every day. People who have cured diseases, people who have been world leaders, people who have been pivotal in the advancement of mankind, and your everyday nobodys. Its just a part of life everyone needs to accept and move on from.

I can understand being upset over such an iconic figure such as Paterno. Someone who has accomplished so much as a college football coach, has helped countless people become a better version of themselves and helped so many people realize potential they never thought possible. Believe me, I fucking get it.

But where the line needs to be drawn is not twisting this into an outcry of statewide mourning. Gov. Tom Corbett announced yesterday that flags across Pennsylvania must be flown at half-staff in honor of Paterno until he is buried on Wednesday. As mentioned above, while Paterno may have been a ‘legend’ in his own institution, he did not contribute anything of substance to the State of Pennsylvania or to advancement of mankind as a species. So I completely disagree with this sentiment.

So as my Youtube attention span fades on this issue, I just pray that everyone can heal all of these deep wounds that the passing of Joe Paterno may have caused. I know many of you had to have known his personally, as I comb through the many heartfelt grievances on Facebook and Twitter. I also find it kind of pathetic that many of these same people only chose to attend Penn State because of the presence of Joe Paterno. If you chose to spend tens of thousands of dollars per year to major in University Studies so you can watch a football team every week, then you deserve to be shit on by this economy in the real-world. Welcome to it.

Also, accusing the Board of Trustees of causing the death of Joe Paterno is not only the most childish thing I’ve ever seen, but it just goes to show the amount of intelligence the clouts the atmosphere at Penn State.

Despite what you might think, the world doesn’t revolve around Penn State football. And I don’t either. It’s time to move on, so who’s ready to follow the leader?

Oh, and enjoy the Westboro church on your campus. It sucks, but that’s kind of what happens when you cover-up a boy-rape scandal, sowwwwwwy.



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Seriously, fuck the USPS (United States Postal Service for the rest of the world). The Post Office is the biggest piece of government-run bullshit waste I have ever encountered. Every single time you go, there is a line out the door and 1 person working the desk. Moving as slow as possible, and if you live in Philadelphia, extremely friendly and chatty to every African American customer and rude to me for no reason.

Well my trip today should be no different.

Being the impatient person that I am, I beg my boss to pre-buy $1 stamps, priority envelopes and labels so I can just go over to the post office and drop my parcel at the desk. Bada-bing bada-boom. The workers generally don’t care and are happy you aren’t one of the morons who acts like its the first time they have ever been to a post office and don’t have any of their address labels or paper work, or even packaging ready EVEN THOUGH THERE ARE SIGNS EVERYWHERE TELLING YOU TO DO SO. So I like being on their good side.

Today, I go to a different post office than normal. Not surprised, there is a line stretching to the door. Surprised, there are 2 workers on duty. I wait in line for a minute, and sensing my lunch break is going to be cut drastically, I decide to walk around the line. I wait patiently to the side of another customer, as to not interrupt her transaction. When she is done I, very politely, ask “excuse me can I just leave this with you”. She looks, I point to the 5 $1 stamps affixed to the envelope, the label is clearly filled out, all she needs to do at this point is extend her arm and accept the package, no exchange of words would even have been necessary.

But no.

She looks at me, in disgust (in my opinion), and tells me “since you put all ‘dem stamps on it you gotta wait in line”.


I calmly explain that its paid for all she needs to do is rubber stamp it and place it in the bin, saving me 25 minutes of agonizing waiting time and making her life easier, only to be interrupted with “step away from my desk and get in line (white boy)”. Ok I added that last part, but I know what she was thinking.

Not only am I impatient, I’m also an extremely bitter person. Not wanting to waste my day in line (which I feel like that is the only reason people go to the post office in the first place) I decide to make a scene proclaiming to the entire post office that she is the perfect government worker: FAT, LAZY AND RUDE. I felt it was necessary to storm of shouting obscenities at this point. But seriously, is there any fucking reason to be so rude to a (paid) customer?

I can’t wait for the USPS to collapse and this bitch is out on the street. For the record, I went to the other post office where the people actually give a fuck and they took my parcel NO QUESTIONS ASKED. This is why you guys sell stamps and shit, so people can just breeze in and out of the post office NOT BE THERE ALL FUCKING DAY.

So fuck you, USPS, I’m out.