Wok, Don’t Run: The Tale of Me VS the Feminist Wok Lady of eBay

Posted: February 4, 2014 by Tim in Completely Pointless, General Annoyance, Rant or Review
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This is the true story of what happens when someone tries to out-crazy me on eBay

This god damn wok

Oh Herro! Our little tale begins in early December, when I decided to sell an abundance of cheap Chinese appliances that my mom had been hoarding around her house like they were a bunch of priceless antiquities. You know, real useful stuff that every millionaire housewife probably needs.. like s’mores makers, Bluetooth headsets, 5-speed can openers, brownie makers, and this damn electric wok (pictured). 

As you can probably see, its pretty straight-forward, judging from the picture. The manual clearly states it is an “Electric Wok Set” (which I can only assume is also the brand name), its housed in a pretty unimpressive looking Styrofoam container with all the additional inclusions tucked neatly inside this little wok, accompanied by an equally-unimpressive-looking, plain white box, which sort of resembles a pizza box from a really shitty pizza place. 

Considering this wok had no discernible name brand, and I had no frame of reference as to how I was going to price this fucking thing, I decide to just throw it up on eBay for $12.99. Quite the steal for such a fine piece of culinary wonderment. Much to my surprise, eBay buyer: witchyldy218, purchased said wok within a few days of listing. I should have known from the username that she was going to be a huge problem, but honestly, I was giving her the benefit of the doubt. I even left her my usual lame witty feedback to seal the deal, which unfortunately I can no longer change into negative feedback, with malice intended.


I have been a solid member of the eBay community since 2001 with a near-perfect track record, and even though I may dick around with the occasional customer, I try my best to accurately and honestly represent my items. When a customer is dissatisfied with me, I do what I can to reasonably accommodate them, unless I feel that they are trying to pull a fast one on me. Unfortunately for bitchyldy218, she seemed to have a problem with the ‘box’ the item was shipped in. For full disclosure purposes, and as you’ll see below, I admit that I removed the wok from its original shitty box, so it would fit in the shipping box I had on-hand. However, bitchyldy was having NONE OF THIS.

I’ll also admit, that I get a bit embarrassed when a claim is opened up against me. It gives me a sense of anxiety and uneasiness, because I frankly do not like when people are upset with me, so naturally I may get a bit defensive. This is the stinging allegation that was forwarded to eBay from bitchldy, and my rebuttal:

ImageImage As you can see, I may have taken a bit of a defensive tone, however, I tried to reasonably accommodate the mix up, because in all honesty, it was “my bad”. However, this irritated bitchyldy even further:



That’s it, now the gloves are coming off. I tried being reasonable, but now I’m just downright pissed off. I decide to turn the tables on her, being as she is going to accuse me of such masochist behavior like I’m some kind of animal. At this point, I don’t even fucking care if I get banned from eBay, but I refuse to give bitchldy a box or a free wok, so here goes:



I guess this shut her up because I did not hear back from her from this point on:



So to anyone on eBay that wants to try to scam me into giving them free shit, think twice. I will be having none of it. And if you can’t hang with trolls like me, then get the fuck off the Internet. 


  1. kbagenstose says:

    Funny shit, Tim. She should have known when to wok away.

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