Well herro there! My name is Tim and I welcome you to my ridiculous world or irrelevance and honesty. I don’t sugarcoat anything and once I’m fired up about something, good luck stopping it. Sometimes you just have to complain about the little things in life to make the bigger things actually worth it.

I’m a 24 year old seller of travel and coffee enthusiast who tries to understand everything in the world around me while understanding mostly nothing about myself. I try to succeed at everything I do, but usually fall flat on my face. I’m okay with this, but hopefully I learn a little more each time.

I hope you enjoy my site. I love to write about anything that pops into my head, and I always promise to write more. I can get distracted easily so sometimes I go for months without writing. You can be rest assured that anything you read will be laden with expletives, my nonsense theories and usually a complete disregard for fact-checking.

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