The REAL Love is…

One of my fondest memories of high school was editing my own “Love Is…” comics. I would add the appropriate text to the often inappropriate pictures being displayed so they made more sense in context. In 2011, I’ve decided to re-start this very self-gratifying hobby. So without further ado.. I present The REAL Love Is..


The Sorrow Sucker


Kama Sutra

Drug Money

Aww, memories!

Ohh kiddie porn!

PDA Announcement

All Eyes on Me..

Abortion.. you didn't try hard enough

I'll wish you away!

Hmmm.. killing babies?

What we don't remember won't kill us..

Never right..

Dick.. in box form


Strap ons!

Mutated Mutants

Party naked, shit happens

A little home cookin'!

NOOO, It was THIS big!


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